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Oregon Senior Housing

With its endless natural beauty combining dramatic mountains and stunning coastline, Oregon offers a gorgeous setting for senior communities—as well as some extremely dynamic and interesting metropolitan areas full of art, culture, and recreation. You’ll find plenty of variety in Oregon—from the Pacific coastline to the Columbia River, the Cascade Mountain Range, and the mighty Mt. Hood.

The climate in Oregon is fairly mild, with cool summers and winters. It’s a great place to garden—pretty much anything grows in Oregon. However, the state is known for its rain—if you’re looking for sunshine, you might want to check out the central and eastern parts of the state—less picturesque, but more dry. 

Housing prices in Oregon are still cheaper than what you’ll find in California. But they’re rising, so get there fast. Income taxes are quite high in Oregon, with a top marginal rate of 11%--but there’s no sales tax. The state does not tax Social Security and some military pension income, and property taxes are only 30th out of 50 states. Residents over age 62 are eligible for some property tax relief programs.