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Mississippi Senior Housing

Mississippi is a remarkably friendly state for retirees. In addition to a positive tax environment, the state offers first-rate medical care, a low crime rate, affordable housing and cost of living prices, and plenty to do—including outdoor activities, cultural events, and more. It’s no wonder retirees are flocking to independent senior living communities in Mississippi.

The weather in Mississippi tends to be hot and humid in the summer, mild in the winter. While summers can be hot, there are plenty of beautiful waterways and beaches that give you an opportunity to cool off. Mississippi offers picturesque small towns along the banks of the majestic Mississippi River—as well as gulf coast resort towns. Outdoor recreation options include hiking and biking on wooded trails, boating and fishing on the state’s numerous lakes and rivers, and enjoying the beautiful white sand of the Gulf coastline. For seniors who love golf, there are over 140 excellent golf courses throughout the state.