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Senior Housing in Delaware

Offering a mix of cities, picturesque beach towns, and rural farmland communities spread across the East Coast, Delaware is a beautiful place for retirement living. Situated within day-trip distance of several major metropolitan areas including Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington DC, Delaware offers a slow and serene pace of life—even in its larger cities.

In Delaware, you’ll find a relatively mild climate—especially near the coast. Winters are moderate, and summers tend to be warm rather than hot. With its rolling green hills and beautiful beach vistas, Delaware attracts tourists from all over the Northeast and Midwest in the summer months—and offers activities for active retirees year-round. The state has gone out of its way to preserve large sections of coastline for public use, including construction of bike paths and boardwalks. In Delaware, you’ll find plenty of boating, birding, fishing, crabbing, biking, hiking, and other outdoor activities to keep you occupied.