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If you love sunshine, you’ll love retirement in Arizona. The state gets up to 90% sunny days, if you retire around Yuma—the highest average in the country. Arizona is known for its heat—up to 120 degrees in some areas—but not all areas of the state are so sweltering. In areas of higher elevation, temperatures are more reasonable in the summers—and winters are balmy.  

When many people think of Arizona, they think of desert. And Arizona does have beautiful desert landscapes—including the jaw-dropping Grand Canyon. But some areas of the state are mountainous enough to get snow in the winter—in Flagstaff and the White Mountains, you can even go skiing. If you love the outdoors, Arizona is an ideal place to retire—in many areas, you can spend time outdoors in winter with only a light jacket. There are over 400 golf courses in the state, some designed by pro golfers.