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Alabama Senior Housing

Ask most retirees in Alabama, and they’ll tell you it’s an ideal retirement spot because of the financial benefits. Alabama’s cost of living is among the lowest in the nation.  The state doesn’t levy income taxes on federal or state pensions, defined benefit pensions, or social security benefits—making it a very affordable place to live for many retirees. In addition, the cost of land and housing is relatively low compared to other states in the country, with low property taxes and a sales tax of only 4%.

There are other reasons to find senior housing in Alabama, however. One is access to high-quality health care facilities. If you choose an assisted living facility in Birmingham or Montgomery, you’ll be located close to some of the nation’s best hospitals. In addition, it’s easier to pay for health care in Alabama. If you’re age 55 or over but haven’t yet qualified for Medicare, Alabama’s Early Retiree Reinsurance Program will help you cover health insurance costs.

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