What is the Alzheimer's clock drawing test and what does it indicate?

Asked by goldes99 Wednesday Dec 14th 2011 - in Alzheimer's Care


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    Answered by Senior.Housing.Advisor Wednesday Dec 14th 2011

    The Alzheimer's clock drawing test is a simple but useful screening tool that can help detect mild cognitive impairment, dementia, or Alzheimer's disease. The test can provide significant amounts of information about the general cognitive and adaptive functioning of a person's brain. This quick screening test is easy to administer, but if you do find the results suspicious or alarming it is important to contact a physician. This test is not an official test for Alzheimer's disease. There are several variations to this test, but below is a common one that is easy to use.

    To administer the clock drawing test have the person undergoing the test do these things:

    1. Draw a clock by hand on a large piece of paper

    2. Put all the numbers on the clock

    3. Draw the hands indicating a certain time. Common times used are 11:10 and 3:40

    Scoring the Clock Drawing Test: There are also several methods to scoring the test but below is one of easiest.

    • 1 point for the a complete clock circle
    • 1 point for all the numbers being in the correct order
    • 1 point for the numbers being in the proper places on the clock
    • 1 point for the two hands of the clock
    • 1 point for the correct time

    A normal score is 4 or 5 points. If the person being tested scores below that it is highly recommended that you consult a physician and have some further testing done. The clock drawing test is not a definitive indicator of Alzheimer's disease. If your loved one does have Alzheimer's you can get help by looking into Alzheimer's Care Providers.

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