What is a good saying to write on a retirement cake?

A friend is retiring soon and I am in charge of the cake for the party. I was looking to get some suggestions on any clever sayings that I could write on her cake.

Asked by Barbara Tuesday May 31st 2011 - in Getting Older


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    Answered by Senior.Housing.Advisor Tuesday May 31st 2011 You most likely want to put something that will be tasteful and encouraging to the person retiring. However, putting something funny might also be fun. Here are a few suggestions/ideas on what to include on your cake:

    1. Let the Fun Begin
    2. Congratulations
    3. Your Just Getting Started
    4. Going, Going, Gone
    5. Life Begins At Retirement
    6. Gone Fishin
    7. Gone Shopping
    8. Home Free!
    9. Rest, Relax, Enjoy
    10. Happy Retirement
    11. You Made it!
    12. You Earned It!
    13. Thanks for Your Dedication
    14. Walmart is Hiring
    15. Time Is Precious. Enjoy It!
    16. Retirement is Just the Beginning
    17. Well, you finally graduated!
    18. We'll Miss You!
    19. And Away We Go
    20. Your Best Years Start Now
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