What are some good gifts for Alzheimer's patients?

I need a Christmas gift for my mom who has Alzheimer's disease. Can you help me with gift ideas for someone with Alzheimer's?

Asked by Trevor10 Friday Dec 16th 2011 - in Alzheimer's Care


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    Answered by Senior.Housing.Advisor Friday Dec 16th 2011 Finding the perfect gift for your loved one with Alzheimer's disease can be difficult. Here are a few gift ideas to consider:

    1. Clock with Day and Date: Make sure the numbers are large and easy to read.
    2. Classic movies and TV shows: Singing in the Rain, Meet Me in St. Louis, or Shall We Dance are a few movie suggestions.
    3. Memory Phone: These phones allow you to put pictures in the place of the buttons and can be programmed to dial the number of the person pictured.
    4. Music: A sing along video can be fun or put together a CD of songs that are sentimental.
    5. Activity books: Find ones that will help with memory. Math games, strategy games, puzzle books, and crossword puzzles are always good.
    6. Books: Look for large print books that are easy to read and reflect the interests of your loved one. Picture books are often great.
    7. Puzzles: Make sure to get easy ones such as 48, 24, or even 4 piece puzzles.
    8. Games: A large checkerboard, dominos, or large print cards make great gifts.
    9. Personal Reminder Pendant: This device can remind your loved one of important things he or she needs to do.
    10. Stuffed Animal: Alzheimer's patients enjoy cuddly things. This is especially good for someone in the latter stages of the disease.
    11. Automated Medication Dispenser: This can help your loved one remember to take his or her medicine and take the right amount on the right day.
    12. Senior Friendly Remote Control: Find one that is simple and has large buttons.
    13. Craft Items: Legos, blocks, or a Handyman's box can help stimulate the use of the hands and the brain. Large plastic beads for stringing are also good.
    14. Wall Chart of Pictures: Make a chart of pictures and names of loved ones of the Alzheimer's patient.
    15. Plants: Small flowering plants can brighten your loved ones room or home. It also gives him or her something to care for if they are still able.
    16. Photo Book, Bulletin Board, or Memory Box: Put together something with pictures and objects that have special meaning to your loved one.
    17. Gift Certificate: Get your loved one a gift certificate to the beauty shop, pharmacy, or grocery store. Or consider getting one for a manicure, pedicure, or massage.
    18. Stationary: Add stamped envelopes and a large print filled in address book.
    19. Hand Lotion: This can help arouse the senses and be stimulating.
    20. Yourself: Visit your loved one. They will appreciate your company even if they are not able to express it. Take them for a walk, sing some of your favorite songs, or give them a hand massage. Share some quality time together.
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