What are popular sports for senior citizens to play?

I've played sports all my life, but now that I'm a senior citizen and less active, I'm wondering what are good sports for seniors to participate in.

Asked by Goldentech65 Wednesday Apr 18th 2012 - in Staying Active


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    Answered by Senior.Housing.Advisor Wednesday Apr 18th 2012

    Many seniors have grown up playing sports and do not want to let age stop them from sporting activities. Sports provide a fun way to get your body moving and make exercise more enjoyable for seniors. Not all sports are best for senior citizens, but here is a list of some top ranked sports for the active senior:

    • Golf: Golf is very popular among the senior citizens. This sport combines walking, fresh air, and sunshine. If you opt to walk the course rather than drive a cart, you will get an even better workout. The great benefit of golfing is that it can be paced out to whatever pace you are comfortable with.
    • Freshwater Fishing: Fishing can offer peace and tranquility, but can also be a good workout for your arms and torso. For added exercise, try your hand at fly fishing.
    • Swimming: Swimming is a great way to exercise without added strain on your joints. The resistance provided by the water gives you a great full body workout.
    • Bowling: You can most likely find a senior bowling group near you. There are recreational leagues as well as competitive ones for those seniors who like to keep the competitive edge.
    • Cycling: Cycling offers a great full body workout. There are many cycling races around the country with categories for senior citizens. If you are afraid of injuring yourself on a regular bike you can always try stationary cycling.
    • Tennis: If you are more on the active and competitive side, tennis is a great sport for you. There are many senior citizen tennis leagues around the country.
    • Pickleball: If you love tennis, but it is a little tough on your body, you might want to look into finding a pickleball court near you. Pickleball is similar to tennis, but played on a smaller court with a wiffleball. It combines skills from tennis, badminton, and table tennis.
    • Middleball: This new sport played with a beach ball and a net in an enclosed court such as a racquetball or squash court. It is similar to volleyball, but can be enjoyed by seniors and as well as people of all ages.
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