There are over 20 million hunters in the USA. Does any retirement community exist solely for a "hunter population"?

Asked by chuck Sunday Jan 22nd 2012 - in Retirement Communities


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    Answered by Lois Thursday Aug 8th 2013 Check out Bray's Island <a href=""; rel="nofollow"></a>; and Greenbriar. <a href=""; rel="nofollow"></a>; both are pricey -- essentially for millionaires.
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    Answered by Senior.Housing.Advisor Monday Jan 23rd 2012

    I did some research on this question and had a hard time finding a retirement community that is designed specifically for hunters. However, there are many retirement communities in states that have excellent hunting. I would recommend that you first determine what type of hunting you would like to do because this will help determine which state would be the best retirement option for you.

    If you like to hunt elk, New Mexico and Arizona are states known for their quality elk population. However, both of these states require a lottery permit system, so it may take a few years to draw one of these permits. For sheer quantity of Elk, Colorado cannot be beat. Montana is known to be the best elk state for quality and quantity. Other great elk hunting states include Idaho, Utah, Oregon, and Washington.

    If you prefer deer hunting, you might want to consider states like Texas, Arizona, Colorado, and Iowa. In Colorado you have better odds of drawing deer tags than in many other states. In Arizona it can take up to 10 years to draw a deer tag, which is something you should definitely take in consideration when choosing a place to retire.

    A state where you can find a variety of world class hunting opportunities and even great fishing is Alaska. In Alaska you can hunt musk ox, brown bear, mountain goat, caribou, moose, and many other types of big game species. Many places in Canada also offer a wide variety of hunting.

    Overall, your best bet is to figure out what state you wish to retire in. You might want to look at the answer to this question and take into consideration some of the better places to retire: Where is the best place to retire? After you determine where you would like to retire I would highly recommend you visit our Retirement Communities page and search for communities in those particular states.

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