Do senior citizens prefer laptops or iPads?

I want to buy my 75 year old grandmother either a laptop or iPad for her upcoming birthday. Which do you think she would prefer? Which one is better for seniors?

Asked by Annie4 Thursday Apr 5th 2012 - in Getting Older


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    Answered by Senior.Housing.Advisor Thursday Apr 5th 2012

    There is not a correct answer to this question because it really depends on the senior. Many seniors are up to date with technology these days, but there are some who prefer to stay away from it. Here are a few things to consider when deciding whether to purchase a laptop or iPad for a senior citizen:

    Does the senior citizen have keyboard skills? There are many elderly people who know how to use a keyboard, but if they don't then an iPad with its touch screen might be a better choice.

    What is the senior's need for the device? If the senior wants to use the device to create a web site, post photos, do taxes, or create/edit documents then a laptop might be a better choice. However, for simple web browsing and email checking then an iPad should be fine.

    How much does the senior move the device around? While laptops and iPads are both portable devices, if the senior is on the go a lot, the iPad might be a better choice as it is far lighter and more portable than a laptop.

    How much storage space does the senior need? If the senior citizen desires to store lots of photos and videos, then a laptop might be a better choice as it has more storage space than an iPad.

    Here are a few other features you should consider:

    Battery Life: The iPad can have up to 10 hours of life where as a laptop ranges from about 2-4 hours.

    Ports, Slots, and Drives: The iPad does not have a direct USB port, MicroSD slot, or CD drive. You can find all of these on most laptops.

    Apps: The iPad has access to the App Store and has many apps that are great for seniors.

    Multitasking: A laptop allows for high-level multitasking and high speed processing where as the iPad lacks in this area.

    Overall, you need to evaluate what the senior citizen plans to use the device for. When in doubt just ask your grandmother which one she would prefer.

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